Join Us

Our group is always looking for enthusiastic students and researchers. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Varney at for information about current opportunities.

Prospective Graduate Students

Space physics at UCLA spans multiple departments. Students specifically interested in working in our group should apply to the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department and identify Space Physics as their intended subdiscipline. More information on the AOS graduate program is available at

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Prof. Varney is an ardent supporter of undergraduate research since his own career was launched by his opportunities to get involved in research as an undergraduate. Space physics is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor combining aspects of physical sciences, engineering, and computer science. We welcome any current UCLA students in any of the physical science or engineering majors with an interest in space to contact us about possible undergraduate research projects. Please email Prof. Varney with information about your interests and past coursework to discuss appropriate project options.